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  • Prevent impending default
  • Cure existing default
  • Rehabilitate your loans
  • Stop the damage default causes
  • Save your paychecks, Social Security checks, and tax returns from seizure by the government
  • Prevent garnishment from occurring
  • End an existing garnishment through legal representation
  • Provide legal representation for borrowers and their spouses
  • Determine your eligibility for a discharge or forgiveness of student loan debt
  • Apply for disability discharges
  • Apply for forgiveness based on school closing
  • Apply for forgiveness as a victim of fraudulent recruitment practices
  • Discover benefits of consolidation
  • Learn how to consolidate on your own
  • Simplify your debt by dealing with only one loan servicer instead of multiple collectors
Private Loans
  • Restructure your repayment plan for more affordable monthly payments
  • Know when your rights are being violated by a loan servicer
  • Protect your rights through Fair Debt Collection Practices Act defense
  • Legal Representation if you are being Sued
National Collegiate Student Loan Trust
  •  Are You Being Sued
  • They Must Prove Ownership of Your Loan
  • Lawsuits are not the same as a Judgement
  • Get the Defense You Deserve they May Not Own Your Loan

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