College Graduates Beware: Illegal Attempts to Collect Student Loan Payments

21 Apr College Graduates Beware: Illegal Attempts to Collect Student Loan Payments

According to an article published by Denise Richardson, a Consumer Advocate and Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, there have been numerous illegal attempts by collection agencies to collect on student loans in recent years. Interested readers can access the full article here.

The majority of borrowers who took out student loans to pay for college did not earn law degrees. Even among those who did choose to finance a legal education, very few have painstakingly studied laws relating to student loan debt. Without studying such laws in-depth, many borrowers are unaware that their rights have been or are being violated by collection agencies who are attempting to extract student loan payments. Student Loan Law Group provides borrowers who are shouldering student loan debt access to resources and attorneys to inform borrowers of their rights and to protect those rights.

Certain laws, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), protect borrowers from harassment and unlawful debt collection practices. For example, the law prohibits debt collectors from calling borrowers’ cell phones using automated dialers and leaving prerecorded voice messages. Borrowers should never be threatened or harassed by collection agencies.

Most borrowers are simply unaware that their rights are being violated by debt collectors and most borrowers who think their rights are being violated are afraid to seek help. Attorneys with Student Loan Law Group can protect borrowers who are being harassed or whose rights have been violated by debt collectors. Once debt collectors are notified that the borrower is being represented by an attorney with Student Loan Law Group, the debt collectors must immediately cease any and all direct contact to the borrower. The debt collectors must then send all correspondence to the borrower through the borrower’s attorney.

Borrowers who can no longer handle the numerous and demanding phone calls and letters from debt collectors are urged to contact Student Loan Law Group to seek relief from their student loan debt.

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