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What you Need to Know if you are Being Sued or about to be sued by them.


National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is suing people in South Carolina, Ohio, New Jersey and Utah and elsewhere for past due private student loans. Who is National Collegiate Student Loan Trust and what can Student Loan Law Group do for you if you’re are being sued by them?


National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is aggressively suing Students that have fallen behind on their Student Loans.


National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Is Not the Originator of the Loan they are not the Lender


National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is a Delaware Trust that holds private student loans guaranteed by TERI not the federal government.


All of the student loans held by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust were originated from various banks under different loan programs. These loans were structured with the assistance of The First Marblehead Corporation. The First Marblehead Corporation is an education loan finance company that also owns TERI.


National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Must Prove Ownership of the Loan when Suing the Borrower


Knowing that your Loan did not originate with National Collegiate Student Loan Trust they got your loan from another bank.


In order for them to sue you for the balance due, they need to provide evidence that they now own the Promissory Note on your Loan and they are legally able to prove ownership.


They also have to prove the amount claimed to be due from the Loan is actually properly due.

A Lawsuit Against You is not the Same As a Judgment


When someone files a lawsuit against you for the amount due on your Student Loan it does not automatically mean they have a Judgment. They are claiming that you owe the money.


It’s up to you to decide at this point if you want to contact Student Loan Law Group to assist you in defending the lawsuit to attempt to prevent the Judgment or whether you will do nothing. In most cases if you do nothing, then a judgment will more than like entered against you. In the event this already happened or ends up happening you can still contact Student Loan Law Group to assist you in settling the judgment against you from National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.


By doing nothing the results are typically not in your favor. Those who hire Student Loan Law Group to defend them and fight on their behalf at least have a chance of winning or settling the case on more favorable terms.


National Collegiate Student Loan Trust hopes you do nothing so that they can get a default judgment against you. Most people that get lawsuit papers against them do nothing. Of those more than 90% of all collection lawsuits including those for private student loans will end up with a default judgment.  Ask yourself do you want to be part of these 90% or would like prefer to have us deal with your lawsuit and assist you in possibly settling your case.


Fighting the Lawsuit Could Result in getting a Better Deal


When National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is suing you, they typically are suing a sizeable amount of money.


Doing nothing could result in a default judgment being taken against you. Once they get a judgment against you it does not end there. You may be subject to wage garnishment, bank account freezes, or liens on your property.


Having Student Loan Law Group fight the lawsuit for you forces them to have their attorneys prove you owe them the money. Their Lawyers will have to account for the debt they are alleging you owe them for as well as the fact that you are legally liable to them for payment.


This is where you have a case it is not always easy for them to prove these facts. They may not have the documentation required by law to prove your owe them the debt. Other factors are the debt may be beyond the collection period.


We might be able to get the lawsuit dropped or we can work out a settlement in the case for either a lump-sum dollar figure or a reasonable monthly payment.


Have Student Loan Law Group take a look at the lawsuit before  responding, you may have a case that you may be able to win.

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